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I am


Doctor of Acupuncture

Registered Yogi

Fitness Coach

Trail Runner

Mountain Biker

Nature Lover

Outdoor Enthusiast 

To truly share my passion and belief in movement, nature and medicine.  I would like to share how I arrived where I am today.

How did I get here?

​Nine years ago, at the age of 37, I was a happy mom of an 8-year old son and a 6-year old daughter and a wife to my loving husband of 18 years.  I was a yogi and had the pleasure of teaching and sharing my passion with others.  I loved running to soak up nature, to discover my own spirituality and refuel myself.  I took pride, and joy from living the fullest healthiest life I could for myself, my husband, and our kids.

​One fateful day, my husband received a terminal diagnosis, with no treatment options and a prognosis of 8 weeks to live.  My world was turned completely upside down.

​To try and figure out the “why?” only makes one go crazy… sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason. 

​Everyone faces obstacles in life.

Grief can come from more than a loss of a loved one.  It is described as a natural emotional response from the loss of something or someone and many of us must work through it each day.  

​As hard as it was to get on my mat, it is a place where you truly must face what is happening inside. To slow down, feel and return to your heart center. 

I would run and ride in nature and find gratitude in the power and beauty of it all. 

I used Traditional Chinese medicine to settle all the emotions I was struggling with.

Grief is not just a 7-stage process but rather something that you work through for the rest of your life and continue to be triggered by the craziest things.  Grief never ends, it is different for everyone and you must give yourself permission to process every emotion and feeling without judgement.  You are normal and you are okay. No one has been in your shoes and no one’s journey is the same. We all process our obstacles and grief in different ways and as such, I do not have answers for how to best grieve or heal. I do hope that I can help take the shame out of grief and allow everyone to give themselves permission to heal and become their most powerful selves.

I truly believe my background in yoga, my trust in Traditional Chinese Medicine and my love of nature to refuel is what kept me from drowning in my grief, and all the why’s. My way was to unravel on my mat, run in the wild and refuel in nature.  It is what has brought me here today, to be able to live in and share my whole heart, be vulnerable and courageous.  I have found peace, joy, love, and happiness from the inside and I want to support, inspire, and lead those that want to follow in a similar direction.

​It is what inspires me to appreciate every day I am given, to savour & explore the beauty and power of nature, to allow it to refuel me and to share my movement and medicine with you!

I want to share all of my learnings with the world and still respect and appreciate that we all have our own way. If this speaks to you, follow me!  I am determined to help empower others by bringing all my passions, studies, and disciplines together.

​I look forward to providing the ultimate mountain experience to strengthen your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health with sweetness​


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