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Balance your Energy, Emotions, and Health with the Five Flavours

Traditional Chinese medicine is closely related to diet. It is quoted from The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine,”Food and Medicine share the same origin”. This Classic was written over 2000 years ago and still plays an important role in health and treatment today. vBalancing all five flavours is one of the key components!

Our body will give us signals through cravings. Tuning into these hints from our bodies will help us support our own health, energy and emotional stability.

Bitter is related to the Heart and Joy. Connected with the shen (mind).

When imbalanced one will crave coffee and chocolate to ‘stimulate the nerves’. Instead choose dark leafy greens and or green tea to settle the frazzled and fatigue feelings.

Sweet is related to the spleen and worry.

When imbalanced one will crave sugary sweets to nourish. Instead choose nourishing grounding grains and root vegetables. Millet, rice, sweet potato.

Pungent/spicy/Acrid- related to Lungs and grief.

When imbalanced one will crave spicy foods to clear stagnation, such as spicy wings, instead choose to add leeks, onions, garlic and ginger to your meals to clear your suppressed feelings.

Salty - related to the Kidneys and fear.

When imbalanced one will crave high sodium foods like potatoes chips, to pad or protect themselves. Instead choose things such as seaweed, kelp, miso, pickles.

Sour - related to the liver and stress/anger.

When imbalanced one will crave sour candies and fermented foods. To balance out drink warm water with lemon juice and snack on green apples to calm the mind and settle the emotions.

When all Five flavours are in balance. Health, energy, and emotional balance will be established.

Refining our relationship with cravings, learning to listen to our bodies whispers and skillfully choosing our flavours in harmony will ensure a happy, healthy body and mind.

picture taken from "Organic Oliva

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