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Understanding the Emotions through Yoga Chakras and TCM's view of the Emotional Body

Yoga Chakras are translated as seven energy centres in the body, from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. They regulate all parts of the body from emotional processing to resistance to disease. When the chakras are well balanced all flows smoothly, If they are blocked or out of sync they negatively impact physical, and psychological health. Each chakra has an element, color and location.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the emotions have a major influence on the physical and psychological health as well. Emotions are related to the organ system and the five elements. Emotions are healthy to have and acknowledge. When emotions go on too long, are held, not expressed, or are excessive, it leads to imbalance, which leads to illness and disease.

Even though there are slight difference in the systems, colors and elements, the basic concept of healthy emotions, the body, mind and spirt as one, and the connection of emotions and health are evident.

Here is a quick summary of the Seven Chakras;

Root Chakra(Mukdhara) Color: Red Element: Earth Located: Bottom of spine at tailbone

A well balanced chakra leads to a feeling of security, calm and being anchored in reality.

A blocked or unbalanced chakra can give you a sense of uncertain, threatened or suspicious behaviour, hypochondria or anxiousness.

Physically can cause low back pain, low energy and cold extremities.

Sacral Chakra (svadhishthana) Color: Orange Element: Water Location: roughly 2 inches below the belly button

A well balanced chakra involves creative energy and sexuality

A blocked or unbalanced chakra gives you a sense of boredom, being uninspired and low sex drive.

Physically can cause urination difficulties, allergies, addictive behaviours(shopping, gambling, drugs)

Solar Plexus Chakra (manipura) Color: Yellow Element: Fire Location: At the stomach area above the abdomen

A well balanced chakra is all about personal power, self esteem, determination, confident of a clear path ahead and independent.

A blocked or unbalanced chakra can cause perceived failures, unpleasant social experiences, low self worth, shaky confidence.

Physically can cause digestive discomfort and trouble with memories.

Heart Chakra (Anahata) Color: Green Element: Air Location: directly above the heart

A well balanced chakra, one is able to offer empathy, are emotionally open and have a sense of inner peace.

A blocked or unblanced chakra causes one to struggle with relating to others, less compassionate, impatient and have a hard time trusting.

Physically can cause high blood pressure and low immune funciton

Throat Chakra( vishuddha) Color: Blue Element: Ether Location: middle of the throat

A well balanced chakra is all about self expression, how authentically you can express yourself, emotional honesty, being able to say what you mean.

A blocked or unbalanced chakra causes the inability to say what you really want to, feeling stuck, holding onto secrets.

Physically can cause pain in the neck and sensitivity to hormone fluctuations.

Third Eye (Ajna) Color: Indigo Element: Extra sensory perception Location: In the centre of her brow

A well balanced chakra is all about intuition, and seeing the big picture in life, trust in ones gut feeling.

A blocked or unbalanced chakra causes one to lack motivation, and feel insignificant

Physically can cause trouble sleeping and feel clumsy.

Crown Chakra(Shasrara) Color: Violet Element: Thought Location: top of the head

A well balanced chakra is all about seeing the true beauty in the world, and feelings of joy.

A blocked or unbalanced chakra causes self doubt and a dark view of the world.

Physically it can cause depression and a decline in excitement and motivation.

Keep checking in for videos on Breathe work, visualization and movement ideas to help you unblock your chakras.

Here is a quick summary of Traditional Chinese medicines organ and emotions;

The Kidneys

Color: Black Element: Water Emotion: Fear Houses: Will power and deep potential

If the kidneys are strong will power will be strong and you will be focused on goals.

If the kidneys are weak, will power will lack and the mind will be easy discouraged and swayed. One will feel threatened and suspicious

Physically it can lead to arthritis, deafness, low back and knee pain

The Liver

Color: Green Element: Wood Emotion: Anger Houses: Direction and growth

If the Liver is strong the emotional life is happy

If the Liver is impaired it gives rise to a cloudy vision and emotional frustration, depression, irritability and anger.

Physically it may lead to ulcer and migraines

The Heart

Color: Red Element: Fire Emotion: Joy Houses: The mind

If the Heart is strong one will have a clear consciousness, a good memory, keen thinking, and good sleep.

If the Heart is weak,or imbalanced with too much stimuli, one experiences mental emotional problems, not able to calm easily, constantly seek activity.

Physically may lead to insomnia and anxiety

The Spleen

Color: Orange Element: Earth Emotion: Worry/Overthinking Houses: the intellect

When the Spleen is strong, thinking will be clear, memory will be good and the capacity for concentrating, studying and generating ideas will be good.

When the Spleen is weak or depleted, thought will be dull, memory poor, and our process is overwhelmed leading to overthinking and ruminate on thoughts, obsessing.

Physically may lead to weak digestion.

The Lungs

Color: White Element: Metal Emotion: Grief/Saddness Houses: Spirit

When the Lungs are strong you can let go of what no longer serves you and take in inspiration.

When the lungs are weak, one may detach to protect themselves, get breathless and tired

Physically may lead to constiption and affects breasts in women, often the formation of lumps.

Keep checking in for videos to help the smooth flow of energy through each meridian related to the affected organ.

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